About Ken Teo

Ken Teo launched his teaching career after graduating from Nanyang Technological Institute/National Institute of Education (NTU/NIE) with a Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education (both Primary and Secondary) in 2001 with a double major in English and Geography. He was made a subject head in Social Studies in his first school and was quickly recruited by Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Planning & Development Division (CPDD), where he created instructional materials, trained teachers of pedagogical delivery and worked with exams board on exams matters.  The expertise acquired empowered Ken to help students grasp the fundamental requirements of Combined Humanities more easily, as well as have a clearer idea of how to meet the demands for assessment.

After the stint in CPDD, he taught in a Primary school to have a more holistic and complete understanding of Singapore education. He then taught in James Cook University (Singapore), teaching local and foreign students English research writing and Critical Thinking. The techniques he created for research writing during the stint at JCUS are successfully applied to his GCE “A” Levels General Paper students in the essay writing, while critical thinking skills are used for the analysis in the comprehension component. Using his curriculum planning background, these skills are stepped down for his students for GCE “O” Level English.

As a very experienced private tutor, Ken has taught students from varying ability levels, ranging from struggling Normal Academic students to gifted students who have all seen improvements, regardless of their entry point. Regardless of students from mainstream schools such as Coral Secondary, to schools such as Raffles Institution, Ken has managed to tapped into each learner’s potential and exploit it to the fullest.

Ken is effectively bilingual in both English and Chinese, and welcome students who struggle with English as a second language.